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KEIWA Incorporated produces and sells special light-controlling films. 
Speaking of things that everyone is familiar with, our products are always used as materials for such LCD devices as mobile phones, tablets, car navigation systems, TVs, notebook computers, etc.
Our products are sent from Japan to the whole world, making contributions to society. 
Furthermore, we aim to grow into a global company that contributes to Nature and society by constantly enhancing creativity and motivation.
Welcoming our 70th anniversary, we are now walking towards a bright future. 
Let’s make joint efforts to embrace such an exciting future!
I look forward to working with you all. 

The charm of working at Keiwa

Our company not only has bases in Japan but also all around the world and supplies products to major domestic and international companies.
Therefore, we are active not only in Japan but also the whole world.
We aim to always be innovative, actively challenge everything, and open up unlimited possibilities!

Business activities

Interview of senior employees

The company is quite attractive for those who want to expand their potential.

Marketing Department Joined the company in 2007

I joined the company in 2007 and was transferred to the Tokyo headquarters in 2012 after gaining some experience in distribution and production management at the Wakayama plant. Since then, I have been engaged in the sales of components of liquid crystal displays, concentrating my efforts on LCD manufacturers in Japan, China, and Taiwan.
My job is to investigate the market in each field, listen to the advice of our customers, and make use of our strengths to develop a win-win relationship. In my daily work, I always keep in mind that we shall exert all efforts and try our best to win the trust of our clients!
I believe that one advantage of our company is that you can take on many challenges at a young age and even have the opportunity to work abroad. In my eighth year after entering the company, I was assigned to China (Suzhou, Dongguan, Taiwan), and I was entrusted with works at these global offices. By working abroad, you can personally experience the language, culture, and work ethic of that country. By learning a lot of things, you can improve your work and other skills. It is an attractive company for those who want to expand their possibilities.

It is rewarding work, and you can feel your personal growth.

Human Resources & General Affairs Department Joined the company in 2014

I was always interested in manufacturing and wanted to find a job in a globally active company. That’s when I learned about this company. Attracted by its good atmosphere, I decided to join it. 
After three months of training and spending some time at the Corporate Planning Office, I was appointed as the person in charge of marketing affairs for the High Performance Materials Department in the Strategy Promotion Office. Taking advantage of that experience, I was assigned to the Human Resources Department last year, where I was in charge of hiring talents around the world. 
Right after joining the company, I attended meetings and accompanied higher-level colleagues to visit our clients. My initial target was to embrace the challenge and become competent in the job. I also experienced the difficulty of finishing the work within a limited time schedule. I want to provide high-quality products as much as possible. I think I can learn from my past experience and activities. Furthermore, I want to be involved in tasks making use of my language skills in the future.
In fact, I went abroad for an international business trip in the first year, when I attended a meeting with our clients and was in charge of delivering a presentation. Support from my colleagues and a good environment facilitated the accomplishment of my task. Being trusted with various challenges from a young age, I could acquire new knowledge and experience and fulfil my self-growth. I felt that the meaningfulness of my work motivated me to work harder.


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