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Why KeiwaHigh-quality and High-level Production System

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We produce high-quality products via high-level clean environment management
and innovative perspectives for production sites,
as well as tenacious improvement activities.
We contribute to customers' stable production activities.

We maintain high quality with world-class automatic inspection equipment, clean rooms at class 10,000 or lower, and an ISO-acquired quality control system.

Since components provided by Keiwa are high-quality, customers can reduce the defective rate in assembly products and manufacture with low losses.

About production sites

Keiwa's merchandise mainly focuses on optical products with a variety of product groups.
Depending on customers' demands, each production site plays a role in providing and suggesting appropriate products.

Wakayama Techno CenterⅠ・Ⅱ
Besides the production of advanced-functional and highly clean films, mainly optical products, we consistently develop such products.
In line with customers' needs, we will continuously invest in and develop products.
High-definition, high-precision film products have become a starting point of the world.
Shiga Advanced Techno Center
The center will challenge new development areas by integrating the technology know-how fostered in the function product business and the clean high-precision technologies fostered in the optical sheet business.
Efforts to contribute to society, such as the “Shinsen-gumi” that spreads safety activities both internally and externally, start from here and continue throughout the whole company.
The center is located in a huge area with a main production site in Japan and expanding activities with a JIT-handling distribution site.

Nanjing Factory, quality technology service center

Keiwa's customers are from all over the world. Nanjing Factory, a quality technology center, is a window for global quality handling and finishing production (high-precision printing, curtaining) that are locally handled without taking them back to Japan thanks to the implementation of JIT-handling for customers all over the world.
We deliver products with full responsibility as if proudly sending our kids, Japanese quality, to the world.

We promote zero industrial accident activities with the “Shinsen-gumi”, a safety culture formation activity

based on the motto of 3S(Fresh, tenacious, SMILE)

The "Shinsen-gumi" started with voluntary efforts of female employees who did not know about the work sites.

3S motto of Shinsen-gumi

  • Shinsen


    Detect dangerous tasks and dangerous places "with fresh eyes" and "like watching over kids and loved ones"

  • Syuunen


    Any found risks are improved not only by the Health and Safety Committee but also by field workers and Shinsen-gumi, and the established rules will be complied with.

  • Smile

    Improve activities and have fun!

HomeWhy KeiwaHigh-quality and High-level Production System

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