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We understand every requirement from the customers' perspective and try to maximize customers' satisfaction with our available high resolution
to exceed their expectations.

Frequent calls to immediately resolve advanced technical questions
Keiwa greatly cherishes direct communication with customers.
We have developed a web discussion system that is not burdened by customers based on Face-to-Face calls for prompt interviews.
Our sales staff and technical staff frequently call around the world and answer advanced technical questions from the customer's perspective.

Constant improvement and reformation
Keiwa formulates strategies for each product and field.
We usually perform improvements and reformation, as well as conversations, both inside and outside the company to find out how pleased each customer is. We also obtain trend information, such as market, the use of sites, and human relationships all around the world, and offer product proposals for the future.

Global and multi-lingual support
Multi-lingual support is promoted in accordance with globalization and harmony with local customs.
The recruitment department also promotes the employment of multi-lingual employees globally.

Pursue "all customer-oriented"
AKI (All Keiwa Innovation) activities

The company has more than 50 teams joining in to improve customer satisfaction.
Company-wide improvement activities compete with innovative ideas.
All departments have entries, including manufacturing, sales, office management, etc., and we promote activities over about a half of year.
For example, in the manufacturing department, many employees with a large number of teams participate each year to create numerous achievements, thus sending value to customers from our manufacturing sites.

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HomeWhy KeiwaDelicate Customer Service

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At Keiwa Inc., we flexibly develop and create products to meet all the requirements and demands of customers.
Please kindly contact us for further information.

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