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Diffusion Films

These films diffuse the luminance coming from light.
They use energy efficiently, enhance brightness, and create beautiful screens without luminance unevenness.

Advanced Functional Film

These films lowly control retardation and prevent interference patterns.
We provide clear films and matte films by controlling film surface shapes to match customers' needs and functions.

Processing Papers

These separators are used in the process of creating carbon fiber prepreg and synthetic leather, such as urethane sheets and PVC sheets.
For example, they serve as mats only used during molding, like cooking sheets for making cookies.
The "separator" is a registered trademark of Keiwa.

Packaging Materials

Packaging papers protect product quality from moisture, water, and rust. We also provide recyclable types that prevent paper products from absorbing moisture in the air, dimensional changes, and curling. Corrision inhibiting paper protects metal products from rust by using a vapor phase corrosion inhibitor.

Clean Energy Materials

We provide new clean energy-related materials, such as solar cells, secondary cells, wind power generators, etc.
We aim to manufacture products using natural energy, such as durable and high-barrier sheets that protect products from time-related deterioration.

Agricultural Films

Reflective sheets and gutter sheets support the growth of crops.
These sheets can significantly make use of various climate and weather conditions, which is essential to the agriculture field and greatly enhances efficiency.


HomeProduct Information

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