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These films diffuse the luminance coming from light.
They use energy efficiently, enhance brightness, and create beautiful screens without luminance unevenness.

Application Examples

Used for types of sensors and liquid-crystal display backlight units in such devices as smartphones, monitors, tablets, notebook PCs, etc.


High-level combination of brightness and diffusion performance

Diffusion films include "diffusion performance" regarding how to diffuse the light and hide a group of luminescence points, as well as important "luminance" of how to maintain brightness on the entire surface.
In Keiwa Inc., we succeed in combining "diffusion performance" and "luminance" at a high level based on long-term experience and knowledge.

We achieve high transparency and a high non-defective rate from scratches and dirt by minimizing contamination and scratches through a high-quality management system.

With a clean room of class 10,000 or less and a world-level contamination automatic inspection machine, a high-quality management system has been developed with the required transparency, so the defective rate is extremely low even for surface protection-used films where dirt and scratches are easily seen.

Create the thin, light, and high-quality films required for smartphones, etc.

Thinner, lighter, and high-quality films need to be developed for small devices such as smartphones, etc.
At Keiwa Inc., we develop advanced functional products thanks to the system (SLC-UP), which performs sheeting, laminating, coating, ultra-precision process, etc.

Usage performance as the global high share and top brand

We are proud of the world high share we have from middle to high-end zones of notebook PCs, in-vehicle products, tablets, and smartphones.

Product Structures

The greater the transparency, the more noticeable defects of contamination and scratches are, so high technologies are required.
At Keiwa Inc., we use advanced optical design technology and production technology to solve this problem and create beautiful screens.

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