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Sunny Curtain

These sheets with their heat-keeping and energy-saving effects help to cover the inside of established greenhouses. Their aluminum layer promotes the heat-keeping effect, and the sheets themselves help save energy by suppressing fuel consumption.

Application Examples

Greenhouse-interior covering curtains, electric light cultivation spotting curtains, low temperature drying/ heat keeping cold reflecting curtains, shitake mushroom cultivation


Outstanding heat retention

They block the heat rays from escaping outside with an aluminum deposition layer, so they outstandingly retain heat and help to save heating costs.

Promote growth by reducing light insufficiency

The product helps light and heat rays to effectively reflect through transparent resin films and an aluminum deposition layer to promote the growth of crops by reducing light insufficiency, especially in greenhouses in the north. Furthermore, thanks to the high effect of daylighting in the whole house, it is expected to support better crops regardless of the a house's direction.

Excellent durability and workability

Its surface is covered with films to help reduce water, moisture, and light-induced deterioration and maintain the rate and strength of the light ray and heat ray reflection for a longer time. With lightweight, flexible, and durable characteristics, it is compatible with the breadth and automation.

Product Structures

When used in a greenhouse ceiling, the product increases energy saving. When used in a house interior, its diffusion of abundant sunlight rays is helpful for growing crops. It includes multiple sheets with a variety of effects, depending on the use.

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