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Sunny Cool

This sheet reflects sunlight and enhances the cool-keeping effect when covering the outside of established greenhouses.

Application Examples

Installed greenhouses, livestock barns, hen houses, truck bed covers, cool bags (inside)


Effective for both heat-keeping and cool-keeping

Since the product reduces the heat rays (infrared light) with the aluminum deposition layer, it can be used for both heat-keeping and cool-keeping.

Excellent weather resistance

The product not only uses weather-resistant films but protects the aluminum deposition layer with a corrosion inhibiting  adhesion layer, resulting in an appropriate design for long-term usage.

A wide range of applications outside the greenhouses, such as car protection, food storage, etc.

In addition to sticking it outside the greenhouses, you may use the strong sheets with the aluminum deposition layer in a wide range of applications, including car protection, food storage, tents, cool-keeping covers, snow and ice storage, bathtub lids, beach mats, barrier construction materials, fish-gathering lights, etc.  

Product Structures

The front is the aluminum reflection layer while the back is the black film layer, whose considerable strength you can feel by touch.
The product looks like a single sheet, but it is actually made from several sheets with different functions overlapped with several layers using Keiwa's technologies. It reflects and blocks the sunlight rays with the aluminum and black film, respectively, and with its enhanced strength, it becomes a general-purpose sheet that can be used in various applications. 

Product Specifications

Sunny Cool 1,390 ㎜ width~1,500 ㎜ width ※However, the sheet can be sewn in various sizes.

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