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Sunny Wide

When spread under fruit trees, the sheets diffuse sunlight.
Sufficiently meeting sunlight conditions, including for lower branches, promotes the growth and color of fruit, as well as enhances the sugar content.

Application Examples

Reflective sheets for cherries, apples, oranges, etc.
[Examples of crops] cherries, peaches, grapes, pears, persimmons, apples, oranges, etc.


Promotes color and photosynthesis (maturity enhancement and early shipment)

When sunlight is reflected by the sunny wide sheets laid under fruit trees, the color enhancement visibly displays even in the middle and lower branches, where it is hard for the light to reach. In the case of cherries, peaches, and apples, photosynthesis is also promoted, and the sugar content increases.

Fruit quality improvement

Since the lower branches, which are blocked by leaves, do not receive sufficient sunlight, it is hard to harvest high-quality fruit. However, if the sunny wide sheets are used, the lower branches can receive enough sunlight thanks to the strong reflection of sunlight from below. As a result, the lower branches can produce the same quality fruit, which promotes the quality of fruit in general. 

Diffuse reflection and drain holes

Making the opposite side of the reflective surface uneven produces the diffuse reflection, which enables a wide range of reflection and prevents leaf scorch. The sheets are also designed with holes to allow water to pass through, so that dirt and rubbish are flushed away with the rainwater and the water flows into the fruit trees.

Robust materials that can be used repeatedly

This product is made in a solid material that is not easily torn even when you walk on it. Fixing the sheets by dragging or pressing brackets is not a problem. Made in a strong and lightweight material, the product can be used repeatedly and is more economical compared to disposable products. It has won an established reputation of reflective surface durability.

Product Structures

It is a fruit-used reflective film produced from Keiwa's knowledge & experience and has been used for many years throughout the country. 

Product Specifications

  Sizes① Sizes② Sizes③
Sunny Wide 1,500 ㎜×50 m roll ※ Draining type is available 1,800 ㎜×50 m roll ※ Draining type is available 2,000 ㎜×50 m roll ※ Draining type is available

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