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Oktani Sheet

The sheets are used as gutters between roofs of row-type agricultural vinyl houses. The products are highly transparent and not harmful to the growth of crops. Since the sheets are more weight-saving and life-lengthening, they work more efficiently compared to galvanized iron and vinyl.

Application Examples

Used for rain gutters in multi-span greenhouses


Highly transparent and not harmful to the growth of crops

Because the tani sheets made in transparent resin include high light transmittance and are hard to create shadows, the product's design does not damage the growth of crops compared to galvanized iron and PVC.

Simple construction and great work efficiency

The sheets are used in gutters, and customers can easily build them up by fixing them with metal fittings or strings. Because of their roll shape, they can be easily moved and flexibly compatible with the gutter shapes and slight distortion of existing houses.

High weather resistance and strength

We apply Keiwa's exclusive resin materials so that the sheets can be used as long as possible. The sheets not only have excellent weather resistance but its 1-mm thickness is also more durable and robust compared to regular farming PVC materials.

Many types of products other than transparency

In addition to the highly transparent tani sheets, we also provide black sheets that absorb the light and silver sheets that emphasize the landscape and aesthetics.

Product Structures

The product is considered the origin of Keiwa's filming and sheeting technology. At Keiwa, we do not seek only one function but always make products while considering whether we can add more functions to improve them. As a result, the tani sheets are at the top share and are widely used in multi-span greenhousess in Western Japan.

Product Specifications

  Sizes① Sizes② Sizes③
Oktani Sheet 600 mm width ※ Production based on the required number of m 800 mm width ※ Production based on the required number of m 1000 mm width ※ Production based on the required number of m

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