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Waterproof Sheets

This foot-covered sheet that features excellent weather resistance, strength, and potential long-term use.
It also helps to keep greenhouses warm and insects away.

Application Examples

Cover the foot of installed gardening houses


Protects greenhouses from insects and dirty water from the outside

By using them to cover the hem of greenhouses, you can prevent polluted water like rainwater from flowing in from the outside. They can protect houses from insects and small animals that invade the greenhouses from the inside of soil.

Product group selected as required

In addition to the black type with its weather resistance, we also offer the silver type. The silver type is also equipped with a reflective function, so it is expected to keep the interior warm. The silver type also features a repellent effect that keep insects away. Furthermore, it is compatible with proof-type houses and can be constructed with a good-looking appearance.

Lightweight, flexible, and simple construction

Made from special resins, these sheets are lightweight, easy to carry, and highly flexible. They can be easily installed and have excellent workability.

Weather resistance and strength

We apply Keiwa's exclusive resins for the sheets to be used for a long time. Since they have excellent weather resistance and are 1-mm thick, they are more durable and robust compared to regular PVC farming materials.

Product Structures

This product is considered the origin of Keiwa's filming and sheeting technology. At Keiwa, we do not seek only one function but always create products while considering whether we can add more functions to improve them. 

Product Specifications

  Sizes① Sizes② Sizes③ Others
Waterproof Sheets 600 mm width ※ Production based on the required number of m 800 mm width ※ Production based on the required number of m 1000 mm width ※ Production based on the required number of m A half-thin 500μ type is also available.

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HomeProduct InformationWaterproof Sheets

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