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Backsheet for PV modules

The backsheet (Appli-Sola) is one of the components that forms the solar cell module and is used for maintaining performance by fixing and protecting internal cells such as moisture-proof, insulation, weather-resistance, and high adhesion to the encapsulant.

Application Examples

Backsheets for solar cells


Reliability registered by UL and TUVI

This product has passed the partial discharge test of at least 1,000 V, is compatible with system voltage (1,000 V), a mainstream of European countries, and is also registered with UL. It is particularly effective in maintaining the life of solar cells with its excellent durability and barrier.

Compatible with various structures

Many types of backsheets are developed in combination based on PET type/ Florine type and aluminum type used for crystal modules and thin film modules. Each product features high efficiency, high durability, high barrier, and strong adhesion to EVA.
The products are also available in white and black designs. 

Consistent production system

This product is developed to meet the customer's needs, and such processes as partial filmization and bonding, final small winding, and slitting are conducted in house.

Available in a variety of widths

Primarily provides the most requested widths of 1,000 mm~1,100 mm

Product Structures

We have developed the product to handle the required performance and price range that customers expect.  Keiwa is consistently committed to offer the product. It is because Keiwa can handle a product line from development to delivery. Also, our products are highly reliable because we have been awarded with many certificates.

Product Specifications

  Structure Width
Backsheet for PV modules White PET50/Silica deposition barrier layer/hydrolysis resistance PET, etc. 1,000~1,100 mm is popular (roll products, cut products)

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HomeProduct InformationBacksheet for PV modules

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