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Construction Materials

We provide different types of construction material products. Waterproof papers with waterproof and moisture-proof functions for printing papers, transfer papers to transfer printed objects to molded ones, shatter-proof films, high airtight sheets, etc.

Application Examples

Waterproof papers for decorative board, front and back, (besides printing papers), printing ink transfer papers for cushion floor, shatter-proof films, etc.


Waterproof papers for decorative board, front and back (application of waterproof and moisture-proof papers)

The waterproof papers for decorative board, front and back, created using Keiwa's moisture-proof technology can be used as moisture-proof papers for the front and back of decorative boards and prevent the warpage of decorative board products, so they are also called warpage-prevention papers. We produce products with full consideration to prevent impacts on printing.

Printing ink transfer papers for cushioned floors (applications of process papers)

Keiwa's transfer papers applied with process paper technology are uniformly laminated with polypropylene so that the ink printed on the transfer papers is beautifully transferred to the cushioned floors. We not only make them as defect detectors to prevent printing unevenness and stripes but also enhance the visual inspection and are committed to creating high-quality products with our exclusive quality management system.

Shatter-proof films (applications of seating technology)

Keiwa's glass substitute films and decorative films are primarily applied in display fields, and we can apply the same technologies to construction materials. For example, products made of polycarbonate and products with adhesion processing are also available so that we can use them as shatterproof films for buildings. We successively create new products that can be used as constructions materials through Keiwa's complex technologies.

Product Structures

Since construction materials have various applications, we apply Keiwa's various technologies to produce complex products. Construction material-used papers are frequently outsourced, so collaboration products jointly developed with customers keep increasing.

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HomeProduct InformationConstruction Materials

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