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Advanced functional films with higher brightness and higher definition than diffusion sheets.
We create sheets not only from polycarbonate but also from a variety of plastic resin with heat resistance and processability features. Our variety of plastic resins includes high-hardness and heat-resistant types that may adjust retardation to nearly zero, handling many applications. They are produced in a clean environment and used not only in display-surface individual certification applications but also in many other fields.

Application Examples

Smartphones, in-vehicle products, business-used monitors, sensors, display surface protection, etc.


Creation of low-retardation films and thin sheets

Low retardation (low phase difference) is implemented at a high-level thickness accuracy of ±1% or less by adjusting the sheeting and molding method of films and sheets. The interference unevenness is extremely suppressed, and the compatibility with sensors and polarization plates is also good, enabling them to be used in individual certification applications. The sheeting is also enabled from 40μ, depending on the type of resin. 

Provision of various high performances

The product can control surface shapes to meet such needs as high-transmittance clear films, matte films, etc. We have also been able to provide films with performances that are not available in conventional resins, e.g. not only optical characteristics but high pencil hardness & scratch resistance, formability, heat resistance, shock resistance, etc.

Multiple-layer Sheeting Technology

In addition to single-layer sheeting, we possess the multiple-layer technology of 2 layers to 1 type of resin, 3 layers to 1 type, 3 layers to 2 types, 2 layers to 2 types, etc. at a time. We can also create many functions like hardness and control the hardness from types of resins and hard coats. Moreover, we can produce different types of products by combining various performances of resins in sheeting as well.

Product Structures

Keiwa's sheeting technology is originally based on know-how of laminating film-bonding technology and precious coating technology fostered from old ones.
OPCON can form low-retardation products in a clean environment, so the product is expected on the next-generation display market.

Product Specifications

  Structure Width Haze Thickness
OPCON Single layer, 1 type 3 layers, 1 type 2 layers, 2 types 2 layers, 2 types 3 layers, etc. 500~2,300 mm is the mainstream(roll products, cut products) 0~80% 40μ~1500μ

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