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Olmo Paper

The process papers are used as mats for foaming-urethane molding.
The urethane materials of sponges and low-rebound pillows are foamed by chemical reactions, but the loss caused by the soaking of raw materials may be reduced by using them as mats for the foaming. We are proud that the product supports environment beautification and has become the market's top share.

Application Examples

Polyurethane foam (urethane foam)-used process papers


Significantly reduce the loss of polyurethane raw materials

If ordinary papers are used as mats for foam urethane molding, the liquid will soak into the paper, leading to a significant loss of raw materials. Olmo papers help to cover surfaces with films to suppress the penetration of raw materials, which enables beautiful foam surfaces to form.

Factory beautification and reduction of cleaning frequency

If the urethane foam is molded with mats made of ordinary papers, the urethane liquid soaks in furnaces and conveyors and cannot be removed, which requires diligent cleaning. Using the olmo papers will prevent the liquid from soaking the back of process papers, which leads to factory beatification and reduces cleaning frequency.

Reduce the emission of TDI gas and moisture contamination in the air

TDI gas is said to badly impact the human body and is a subject managed by legal regulations. Furthermore, when the moisture in the air is mixed before drying, the phenomenon of foam burning, called scorch, tends to occur. The olmo papers are covered with urethane film, which helps reduce the TDI gas emission and the mixture of moisture in the air.

Possible to manufacture at the board and with a narrow width conforming with applications(up to 3,000 mm)

When used as bottom papers, they can be made at the appropriate width, such as width of 2,700 mm and 2,200 mm. They may also be manufactured at a narrow width when used as side papers.

Product Structures

Kraft paper has a polyethylene film membrane for pseudo adhesion, and the film moves to the urethane side during the foaming urethane molding. We also offer PP laminate papers as a product group.

Product Specifications

  Structure① Structure➁ Width
Olmo Paper kraft paper 60~75 g/(pseudo adhesion)/PE15~30μ kraft paper 60~75 g/PP15~30μ ~3000 mm (roll product)

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