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These processing papers are used for sheeting urethane and PVC.
We provide the appropriate ones for each material, the ways how customers use, the way how we process and surface shape. Because they are expected to be used repeatedly, it has excellent releasability and durability.

Application Examples

Urethane, PVC, and synthetic leather-used processing papers


Provide a variety of processing papers compatible with the types of materials

We offer different types of processing papers compatible with such types of materials as processing papers used for urethane-used polypropylene and processing papers used for PVC-used heat-resistant polymethyl pentene. Also, we provide types of resins that make embossing easy and types of silicon coating, which allows for easy control of detachability and surface property.

Ultra-precision surface uniformity

Since they are transferred to urethane and PVC surfaces, the surface accuracy is manufactured with sufficient care. The surface types are available in a wide range, from matte to mirror, and the surface uniformity of width achieves high accuracy.

Thorough removal of defects

Since the product is something to lay the emboss on the processing papers and sheet with the urethane, it is important to have no defects on the surface. At Keiwa, to remove defective products, we make efforts to prevent defective products outputted via several processinges, such as checking raw materials with defect inspection devices, visual inspection, etc. 
In addition, we have built a mechanism to prevent defective substances from being mixed in, utilizing our many years of experience.

Available in many widths

The most popularly used width is 1.500~1.600 mm, but resin material products like PP are compatible up to a width of 3.000 mm.

Product Structures

The resin processing papers of Keiwa are available from single-layer extrusion to co-pressing, with varying characteristics, depending on processing papers. Even with a single-layer, they may extrude the methyl pentene polymer, laminate with papers, and perform silicone coating after the film laminating. We select and check materials in which the silicone is also less likely to switch over to the products.

Product Specifications

  Structure Width
A!Prog-PU Process-based papers 100~210 g/PP or Methyl pentene polymer 15~40μ ~ 3.000 mm (roll products)

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