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These processing papers are used in making carbon prepreg. They are produced with consideration of the affinity and releasability of epoxy resins and the emphasis on dimension stability.

Application Examples

processing papers used for carbon prepreg (carbon fiber prepreg)


Enhancement of dimension stability

Since they are used when molding high-dimensional stable materials like carbon fiber, we start adjusting from the paper-making stage to enhance the dimension stability of the processing papers themselves.

Control of releasability

The releasability of processing papers is controlled by the types and coating amounts of epoxy resins used when molding prepreg and cissing condition right after the coating. We use differential silicone materials in the front and back, leaving resins on heavy peeling surfaces and thoroughly adjusting the differential peeling, e.g. making peeling easy when peeling.

Top-exclusive processing papers are also available

We offer processing papers that are efficiently coated with epoxy resins and are only used to transfer (impregnation) to carbon fiber.
We aim to manufacture products that can be integrated with customers' machines by considering the slipperiness of various guide rolls.

Available in a variety of widths

The most popularly used width is 1.080 mm, but it is available up to a width of 1.600 mm.

Product Structures

To prevent the processing papers' differential peeling from changing due to the speed, we select silicone with less speed dependence. We also firmly confirm the curing so that the silicone does not switch over in products.

Product Specifications

  Structure Width
A!Prog-C Heavy peeling silicone/ process-based papers 80~150 g/Light peeling silicone ~ 1.600 mm (roll products)

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