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Corrosion Inhibiting Paper and Corrosion Inhibiting Film – K-Light Series

Corrosion inhibiting papers help to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals from rust. They come in a variety of choices, including types stuck with effective polyethylene films to enhance the moisture-proof and prolong the corrosion inhibiting time, as well as cross types to foster the strength.

Application Examples

Used for ferrous, non-ferrous, and common corrosion inhibiting packaging


Yield rate improvement resulting from the corrosion inhibiting effect

This product can prevent rust by wrapping around non-ferrous metal products of iron, copper, aluminum, etc. The product suppresses the oxidized rust that occurs on the surface of iron due to the moisture of volatile corrosion inhibiting gas. It can improve the yield rate by preventing rust on products of iron, alloy, etc.

Offer higher corrosion inhibiting effect with laminating technology

Polyethylene can be laminated by other product technologies of Keiwa. By laminating the back side of a corrosion inhibiting  surface, the product not only suppresses the vaporization of corrision inhibiting agents to the exterior but also prevents the inflow of moisture from the exterior, thus improving the moisture-proof and waterproof features.

Customizable as needed, e.g. company name printing, higher strength, and moisture resistance

Strength is important when using large coils. We can paste the knit-like polyethylene cloth and enhance the strength of corrosion inhibiting papers by using Keiwa's laminating technology. We can provide the corrosion inhibiting papers with a greater moisture-proof effect and customizable manufacturing as needed, such as corrosion inhibiting papers on which the company name is printed.

Available in a variety of widths

Provide widths up to 3,000 mm.

Product Structures

Keiwa's corrosion inhibiting papers (K-light) include different types of F type for steel products, FM type for non-ferrous metals and surface-treated steel products, and M type for copper and copper-alloy products.

Product Specifications

  Structure Width
K-Light Series (Polyethylene 15~30μ/)craft 60~100 g/ anti-rust inhibitor ~3.000 mm (roll products, cut products)

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HomeProduct InformationCorrosion Inhibiting Paper and Corrosion Inhibiting Film – K-Light Series

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