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Moisture-proof and Waterproof Paper

This type of moisture-proof paper protects water-vulnerable objects like papermaking to laminate polyethylene on paper and is also used as a filling agent of silicone-coated paper like separators. "Tokay Barrier" is a product that features the disaggregation property and recyclability, such as recycled papers.

Application Examples

Filling materials such as release papers for papermaking/ ferrous moisture-proof and waterproof


Moisture-proof and waterproof efficiency

They are frequently used as wrapping papers to wrap copy-used papers. When absorbing the moisture in the air, the copy-used papers are curled, and the papers will become jammed when passing through a copier. Similarly, when the metal absorbs the moisture, rust is likely to appear. The moisture-proof and waterproof wrapping papers prevent negative impacts caused by moisture absorption like this. In addition, customers may also select polypropylene (PP) with higher moisture-proof for wrapping papers, for example, acrylic plate.

Tokay barrier with high disaggregation

The wrapping papers formed by papers and polyethylene films are said to be hardly disaggregated and not suitable for recycling. Therefore, as a recyclable product, tokay barrier is developed with disaggregated coating without using films.
However, in recent years, disaggregation technology has been improved, and ordinary polyethylene laminated papers tend to be used because milk packs and paper cups with similar structures are collected and disintegrated without problems.

Available in a variety of structures

The moisture-proof and waterproof wrapping papers with various required structures have a variety of applications. Wrapping papers using brown kraft paper in case of carrying intermediate products are frequently required. Meanwhile, to be used in complete products such as copy-used papers, printing on pure white papers is frequently required. The product is compatible with a variety of structures, based on the required high moistureproof, such as changing thickness, types of resins, thickening papers if the strength is required, attaching PE cloth, etc.

Product Specifications

  Structure Width
Polyethylene laminated paper / Tokay barrier Kraft 50~100 g/PE12~40μ ~3.000 (roll products and cut products)

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HomeProduct InformationMoisture-proof and Waterproof Paper

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