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Sunny Multi

This film maintains the temperature and humidity in the soil and promotes the germination of crops. With a repellent effect against pests and harmful animals due to its high reflection, it helps to shorten the harvest time and improve quality.

Application Examples

Cover ridges on which crops are growing, surround greenhouses (an anti-insect measure), etc.
[Examples of crops] Broad beans, snow peas, salad beans, green peas, eggplants, tomatoes, flowers (rose, carnation, chrysanthemum, sweet pea)


A variety of effects on a single film (repellent effect, temperature and humidity maintenance, sunlight supplemental effect)

They keep pests and harmful animals away with the high reflection of the aluminum deposition layer. It suppresses geothermal heat by cutting off the heat rays and maintains the geothermal temperature when it is cold. Furthermore, to block rays of sunlight and heat, they obtain moisture during the dry season and help supply sunlight during the winter, when sunlight is insufficient.

Thorough sustainability and ease of use

This product is lightweight, is hard to tear, and has excellent in workability. The interlayer strength (adhesion layer) is strong, and the effect of the film lasts longer because the aluminum deposition layer hardly disappears. 

Compatible with all seasons

Because it can properly control the sun's rays, the product can protect crops from heat and dryness and be used throughout the year, regardless of summer and winter.

Possible to select sizes appropriate for the applications

Various sizes up to widths of 950 mm~1,800 mm are available

Product Structures

This product is a high-quality film with killing-five-birds-with-one-stone effects and features in a single film. By adding more functions required in the agricultural field, we support the improvement of work efficiency and the harvest of high-quality crops.

Product Specifications

  Structure Sizes① Sizes② Sizes③ Sizes④ Sizes⑤ Sizes⑥
Sunny Multi PET/ Aluminum disposition/ adhesion layer/ endurable PE fabric 950 ㎜×200 m roll 1,020 ㎜×200 m roll 1,200 ㎜×200 m roll 1,350 ㎜×200 m roll 1,800 ㎜×50 m roll 1,800 ㎜×100 m roll

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